aero represents a culmination of our decades-long mission to enhance the workforce housing space. The aero concept is a collection of cohesive communities centered around thoughtful design, joyful amenities, and resident services, all coupled with a hospitality mindset that engages an underserved market. 



The vision for aero is to create moments of joy, small and large, for our residents throughout every space of their home. From the warm smiles of the property staff to amenities that foster health, wellness, and social interaction, aero communities are all about living well. No pretense, no compromises, just simple luxuries that make everyday living better and brighter.  




aero addresses the “Missing Middle:” the need for quality, thoughtful, and affordable housing communities for the workforce. Workforce housing is generally defined as market rate, unregulated units which cater to 80-120% AMI earners. Whereas institutional investors focus largely on Class A, newer multifamily product and the government focuses on rent-regulated housing, workforce housing stock is often overlooked by traditional investors and plagued by ineffective management and fragmented ownership. aero provides a more unique approach to workforce housing that Americans need. By standing out in an underserved market, RockFarmer envisions aero as reinvigorating communities while providing strong performance at the asset level: doing well by doing good.