RockFarmer Properties’ property management division, Douglaston Realty Management Corp., manages over two thousand residential, retail, and commercial units in the New York metropolitan area.

Our property management division serves buildings, tenants, boards, and over the course of an asset’s lifecycle; repositioning, improvements, sales, leasing, sponsorship of sales, and day-to-day management.

Operational Excellence

Douglaston Realty Management Corp. is a privately held, vertically integrated full-service real estate organization specializing in residential, commercial and retail property management, leasing, sales and cooperative conversions.

Formed in 1985, Douglaston Realty Management Corp. offers the highest level of personal attention and service to residents, boards and owners alike.  Our experienced professionals listen to residents/owners and develop tailored solutions that meet each building’s unique set of needs.  Douglaston has the know-how to successfully lead its clients through each course of an asset’s lifecycle, including sales/rental launch, asset repositioning, major capital improvements and financial planning.

Infrastructure Capabilities

Douglaston Realty Management Corp. oversees the day-to-day operations, ongoing maintenance and resident communication for more than twelve hundred residential, retail and commercial units across the New York metropolitan area.

By utilizing the latest the latest smart building and accounting technology, Douglaston Realty Management Corp. provides its clients with customized, automated reporting in real time.   In addition, Douglaston utilizes a robust CRM to maintain high renter conversions on behalf of ownership.

Technology is at the forefront of everything we do.  Today’s residents—and owners—are accustomed to on-demand service and communicate that makes life easier.  Residents of Douglaston-managed properties enjoy access to a robust resident’s portal where they can pay bills and submit service requests.


Douglaston Realty Management Corp. boasts a full-service co-op and condominium division devoted to property management for both sponsors and individual shareholders.  We are proactive with board management and help set long term goals for the board.